What to Do After A Loved One Passes

Death and finances can arguably be called the two things that people hate talking about most. Unfortunately, these are two topics that cannot be kept in the dark, as we all must deal with loss, both emotionally and financially over our lifetime. What can the average person do when they’ve just received the heartbreaking news that a loved one has died. Even worse, what if it’s their partner?

This almost unimaginable shock came to Allison Nichol Longtin when her husband passed away six years into their marriage. Not only did Allison have to carry the emotional burden of losing her partner, but she also had to deal with the financial fallout of his death. She spent over a year carrying around a portfolio of papers, proving to numerous different entities that she indeed was the new owner of her husband’s accounts.

Allison admittedly made some mistakes in not preparing for the unexpected, but she’s since then made a strong case that every couple should do what she overlooked. Today, Mindy and Allison go through the top steps that every couple (married or unmarried) should take in order to keep their financial burden as minimal as possible during an unexpected death.

This was a very difficult episode to record (due to the subject matter at hand). We wholeheartedly thank Allison for coming on and giving advice that will benefit every couple listening to this episode. 

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In This Episode We Cover

  • How to prepare for the unexpected death of your spouse or partner
  • The importance of creating a will and estate planning
  • Why having joint bank accounts is an often overlooked financial failsafe
  • Having a plan in place to share passwords and login information for financial accounts
  • Defeating your money anxiety and becoming less avoidant about finances
  • How to have a money date with yourself or your partner
  • And So Much More!

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