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Which Rent Numbers Can You Trust When Analyzing a Deal?

Ashley and Tony’s Instagram DMs have been blowing up! This week’s question comes from Collette through Tony’s Instagram direct messages. Collette is asking: Do you make offers based on pro

Focus on Smart Investing During a Gold Rush

Do you ever daydream? I sure do.  In your dreams, are you ever the hero in a tale of a new gold strike or oil gusher? Or the inventor of

Why You Should Focus on ‘Hitting Singles’ for Early Retirement

Expats and rental portfolios go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s no surprise that a fair amount of retired globetrotters owe their freedom to real estate investing. While many

We must lay groundwork to get more youth into construction industry

The labour shortage is a very real problem for the residential construction industry that, if left unchecked, could slow down building of much-needed new homes. It is estimated that the

Double Your Rental Income with Co-Living Cash Flow

Co-living (coliving) may sound a bit scary at first to a landlord. You have a bunch of young professionals living under one roof. What if there is an argument over

Canadian Luxury Real Estate Sales Double, Triple in Some Markets

Pandemic accelerated value of home ownership at luxury price points to new heights in major Canadian centres in 2021 Demand for Canadian luxury real estate shifted into high-gear from coast

Taking Advantage of the Arbitrage Opportunity in Real Estate

Outside of perhaps David Greene, I have been arguably the biggest proponents of buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat—otherwise known as the BRRRR strategy. The BRRRR strategy has been very good

55-Unit Mobile Home Queen and The Nightmare 17-Month Rehab

While leaving your W-2 to pursue real estate can be intimidating at first, it’s important to realize the skills you learned at your W-2 don’t all go to waste. Most

RE/MAX Dominates Canadian Real Estate Agent, Team Rankings

70 RE/MAX Affiliates Named in “Canada’s 2021 Top 100 Real Estate Professionals” ranking, 32 of the “50 Top-Rated Real Estate Teams in Canada 2021” RE/MAX® has always held that our

The Pros and Cons of Renting to Pet Owners— Plus a Pet Screening Checklist

At some point, every property owner or landlord will consider the question: “Should I rent to pet owners?” There are both advantages and disadvantages to allowing pets in a rental

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