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Purchasing any kind of home in Toronto has become a luxury with average prices rising above $1.1 million. There is a subset of people, nevertheless, who adore the breathtaking splendour of Toronto’s most expensive homes.

These residences are situated on the most prestigious addresses in Toronto and are decorated with lavish mansions, expansive yard and garden areas, and priceless items.

What Is Considered a Luxury Property?

Luxury residences represent prime pieces of real estate that evoke sophistication. These luxury homes feature custom-built features using premium materials as well as luxury design. A luxurious home offers high-end facilities both inside and outside.

Moreover, luxury homes usually contain history — either built by the most famous architect or situated in an important location. Professional guidelines usually place the best exclusive properties in the top 10 per cent of the local housing market in Toronto, Ontario.

Benefits of Owning a Luxury Property

Luxury houses come with many perks and amenities that make them attractive for those who can afford them. Although properties may be vastly different depending on the local area, there are some typical features people expect when buying a luxury property:

  • Substantial living space
  • Expansive, open-plan living areas
  • Premium building supplies, equipment, and fittings
  • Personalized interior and architectural design
  • A well-illuminated front entrance
  • Bathrooms and the master suite have spa-like amenities
  • Modern devices and control systems for electronics
  • Encompassing security system
  • Spacious backyard
  • Walled-off property
  • Additional amenities such as a hot tub, swimming pool, inground pool, or wine cellar

Tell Me the Difference Between a House and a Villa

Villas are luxurious properties typically located near nature and the coast. While a typical house represents the main dwelling space of a household, the villas are used as a retreat when they don’t have any use and can also be rented out as a holiday dream home.

Villas are luxurious homes with openness, luxurious amenities, and privacy. These properties typically include an elegant exterior lawn and feature an outdoor patio/terraza, the front garden, and private pools.

How Can I Find Toronto, Ontario Luxury Homes for Sale?

Finding a Toronto, Ontario luxury property isn’t as easy as you might expect. It’s important to filter available listings based on prices, square footage, bedrooms and baths or amenities you might need.

Price drops are another tool you should use. Save search functions in your browser so that you can get high-quality listings matching your preferences.

Tell Me the Difference Between Houses and Mansions

Unlike standard houses which include common floor plans and amenities, mansions are imposing single-family luxury houses containing luxurious opulence and lavish detail.

Traditionally, the term “mansion” referred to a house belonging to the landed gentry. Accordingly, more strict definitions of what constitutes a mansion necessarily include a large amount of land, possibly with multiple properties including farmlands.

How Do I Find Mansions for Sale Near Me?

Since purchasing a mansion is a major investment, it is important to be discriminating and cautious when combing the market for a luxury house. Finding a real estate agent that specializes in luxury homes is important.

There are also a number of real estate websites that specialize in luxury estates. If you decide to use one of these websites, it’s good to play around with filters and settings to find a property that meets your needs.

How Many Luxury Condos Are Available in Toronto, Ontario?

You can look through and learn about a range of neighbourhoods with online listings and/or specialized real estate agents.

All-in-all, there are dozens of luxury properties available in Toronto, Ontario and nearby cities. Staying up to date on the latest luxury listings can help you find the best deals available. Remember to familiarize yourself with filters and other tools to help you find what you want.

What Are The Most Expensive Houses Available in Toronto, Ontario?

Although real estate brokerage in a densely populated area such as Toronto, Ontario changes quite frequently, there are a number of very expensive properties that have been on the listings for a reasonable amount of time. All square footage listed below is for the whole lot:

St. Andrew-Windfields — 88 Forest Heights Boulevard

  • Price — $29,800,000
  • Bathrooms — 11
  • Bedrooms — 7
  • Size — 28,900 sq ft
  • Listing

Bridle Path — 11 High Point Road

  • Price — $27,000,000
  • Bathrooms — 14
  • Bedrooms — 13
  • Size — 104,360.47 sq ft
  • Listing

Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills — 16 Stratheden Road

  • Price — $25,000,000
  • Bathrooms — 10
  • Bedrooms — 6
  • Size — 20,250 sq ft
  • Listing

Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills — 45 Bayview Ridge

  • Price — $24,500,000
  • Bathrooms — 10
  • Bedrooms — 8
  • Size — 156,711.76 sq ft
  • Listing

Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills — 20 High Point Road

  • Price — $20,000
  • Bathrooms — 10
  • Bedrooms — 6
  • Size — 130,410 sq ft
  • Listing

St. Andrew-Windfields — 101 Old Colony Rd

  • Price — $19,800,000
  • Bathrooms — 9
  • Bedrooms — 6
  • Size — 30,125.7 sq ft
  • Listing

St. Andrew Winfield’s — 30 Fifeshire Road

  • Price — $17,888,000
  • Bathrooms — 16
  • Bedrooms — 12
  • Size — 24,200 sq ft
  • Listing

Bridle Path — 36 High Point Road

  • Price — $17,888,000
  • Bathrooms — 7
  • Bedrooms — 6
  • Size — 97,578.81 sq ft
  • Listing

St. Andrews — 382 Old Yonge Street

  • Price — $17,500,000
  • Bathrooms — 13
  • Bedrooms — 7
  • Size — 67,743.58 sqft
  • Listing

Casa Loma — 332 Russell Hill Road

  • Price — $14,750,000
  • Bathrooms — 8
  • Bedrooms — 7
  • Size — 9,729 sq ft
  • Listing

Canadian Real Estate Association on Luxury Housing in Toronto, Ontario

The official CREA blog claims that there is no magic recipe for selling luxury residences. Real estate experts with experience will be aware that no two sales are the same.

Know your alternatives before working with realtors. Discover houses that will fulfil your needs by understanding your lifestyle.

How to Identify Real Estate Professionals for Luxury Houses

Finding a good real estate agent can be a challenge no matter what type of home you are looking for.

A good place to start is an agent’s track record. Check out the listings they have available, and deals they have managed to close in the past. It’s also a good idea to look at customer reviews to see how other buyers evaluate a potential agent’s ability.

Exclusive Real Estate Partner for GTA and Cottage Country

Forbes Global Properties is a group of luxury home listings and an exclusive association of experts on luxurious properties. The association is invitation-only and has inducted a number of influential luxury real estate agents, including Barry Cohen of Toronto.

How Will the Luxury Housing Market In Toronto, Ontario Evolve?

Especially in the areas that experienced the most growth over the past two years, Canada’s luxury industry is still undergoing a shift from a period of pandemic over-exuberance. The effects of interest rate increases, increasing inflation, choppy financial markets, and geopolitical headwinds are still being processed by sellers and purchasers, and many are continuing to keep a close eye on the sidelines.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the most costly homes in Toronto are astounding. To demonstrate the splendour and luxury of these premium houses, every detail—from the corners of the rooms to the driveway—has been meticulously considered.

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