Former biker gang hangout now for sale in Toronto

A property which was previously used as a clubhouse by the notorious Hells Angels biker group is now available at the Toronto housing market for $2.189 million.

The two-storey house situated at 23 Kintyre Avenue has undergone several major renovations as it changed hands over the decades, with some of the most dramatic changes made after it endured a pipe-bomb attack in 1995.

“When the rocket attack went off down the street, all the neighbours’ windows were blown out and all the lightbulbs exploded. It was a pretty traumatic event,” said Mark Wilson, the property’s current owner and seller.

Wilson got acquainted with the property’s unique history through extensive research, which was spurred by multiple stories from neighbours.

“It kind of made sense,” Wilson said, referring to the house’s attributes. “It’s an unusual house. It’s built with these really big cinderblocks. The walls are very, very thick.”

Several unique design features also pointed to the property’s former purpose.

“There’s a big sort of parking pad at the back where you can kind of park three cars and there’s a big door that opens there and you realize now that’s, you know, where they could probably park 15 to 20 motorcycles back there,” Wilson told CTV News.

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2020-08-05 11:00:01

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