Broker shares social media tips for growing business

Social media is a great way for realtors to reach wider audiences, including both industry peers and consumers, but not everybody is cut out for it. In that case, says Simeon Papailias, co-founder and managing partner of REC Canada, be authentic.

He would know a thing or two about having successful social media presences; his LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook pages each have 4,000-6,000 followers for whom he puts out content ranging from ameliorating one’s real estate business to property investment tips for both neophytes and seasoned veterans alike.

“The most important part of your social media presence is to create content with intent to create value for whoever your target market is,” he said. “As one of the leaders in my organization, I’m looking to meet new agents and further the interests of the existing agents on my team. I provide content exclusively for realtors, like how to be better at their profession, how to be better sales people, how to use processes and systems to generate more and better business.”

Papailias also hosts a podcast called Broker’s Playbook in which he shares broker-sourced content for other brokers. The labour of love is described by Papailias as a gift to the industry—whether he’s shooting video with notables such as Tim Hudak, CEO of the Ontario Real Estate Association, or answering pertinent questions for the industry—Papailias cuts hour-long recordings into roughly 10 pieces and packages them in such a way that busy real estate professionals can digest them on the go.

However, LinkedIn is where Papailias has the most reach because he releases seven to 10 pieces daily.

“LinkedIn is by far the most engaged and active platform, meaning that what comes out of LinkedIn is far more solid than any of the other platforms I use,” he said. “I have anywhere between six to 12 interactions as messages and post engagement a day from my audience.”

Papailias puts a more personal touch on Instagram, he says, because that’s where he will share pictures and stories of his family, however, it’s also where he produces content for real estate investors.

“The content we share on Instagram, and the way we share it, is strategically different. It’s made to carry conversations and position both myself and my firm as industry leaders. We reach realtors on Instagram too, but we target investors by showing them how to look for an investment. They feel like they have a relationship with us because of how much time they spend on our profile—they tell us that all the time—because they have been watching us for years. My business partner’s content is geared towards residential real estate investors, while my content targets commercial investors and broker best practices.”

Papailias’s Facebook page is very similar to his Instagram profile, insofar as content production is concerned, and it is here that he has some advice for other real estate professionals contemplating social media as a means to bolster their business profiles.

“Don’t compare yourself to others; start with three pieces of content per week, whether it’s a picture, video or the written word, because you have to choose and you have to be authentic,” said Papailias. “There are only so many things you can share about an open house. Sharing a listing won’t make you popular but sharing what your day is like, what you’re passionate about, is what drives people to follow someone—give them something they resonate with. We’re realtors and business people looking to attract people through the new normal, which is social media. To stand out, be your unique self. The guy in the red funky suit gets more attention at parties than the guy in a black tux.”

2021-09-17 14:24:45

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