Upcoming event: Market Intelligence for Today’s REALTORS®

On April 25th, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is pleased to present a free special event for Ontario REALTORS®, providing valuable insights on the state of the real estate market and where it could be headed in the future.

The event will be hosted by industry leaders eager to share their in-depth market insights with REALTORS®. By keeping up to date with market trends, REALTORS® can help to answer clients’ pressing questions and conduct better business. MPAC president Nicole McNeill will be joined by Jason Mercer, Chief Market Analyst and Director of Service Channels, at the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board and Shaun Cathcart, Senior Economist at the Canadian Real Estate Association. Together, they represent some of Ontario’s largest and most influential real estate organizations.

For REALTORS® working in Ontario, it can feel like the market is changing every day. Director Chris Fusco, Director of Real Estate and Strategic Accounts, explains how MPAC can help REALTORS® stay on top of the market.

“We’re seeing a trend in increased home renovation activity and the Ontario residential real estate market has seen unprecedented growth during the pandemic,” says Fusco. “We know how important current insights are to REALTORS® and this event will paint a picture of what’s happening in the residential property market right now and where experts think we’re headed.”

Another important area that REALTORS® are asked about is property tax – an area that MPAC is highly qualified to teach about, being the province’s official assessment services provider for over five million properties in Ontario. With this event, MPAC hopes to address some of the common myths about property taxes and assessments.

“We also want to address a big misconception about what will happen when MPAC reassesses the value of homes as part of a province-wide reassessment,” says Fusco. “Many people think if their property assessment goes up, it automatically means their property taxes will increase and that’s just not true. We’ll address why and how to talk to clients about it.”

MPAC is an industry leader in Ontario that specializes in property assessment, as well as providing state-of-the-art tools and services that allow real estate professionals to take advantage of their valuable data. Through MPAC’s propertyline™ service, REALTORS® can access essential data on properties they are working with, including real-time valuation data from MPAC’s powerful Automated Valuation Model. MPAC also offers a range of training courses designed to help REALTORS® make the most of their tools and services.

Market Intelligence for Today’s REALTORS® is a free and online event being hosted on April 25th, 2022 at 9:30 pm EDT. Registration is open now and spaces are limited so be sure to reserve your spot today!

2022-04-19 13:09:44

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