Top 10 mistakes when investing across borders: Part 2

Mistake # 2: Waiting for the “perfect time” or being fearful of investing “too soon” and then missing out on the opportunity

Although timing is important in making any investment decision, smart investors realize that timing cannot be tied into a calendar, or into past behaviors or trends. The best investors know that all timing must be tied into a well-planned future. Many great business opportunities disappear while an investor sits on the fence, rather than planning and then executing a systematic and disciplined investment into their future.

The most demanding investment decisions for cross-border investors involve choosing between alternative investment vehicles for the commitment of both investment capital and business time. Timing, political realities, social/economic conditions, and expertise challenges all play equal roles in decision making. Productive investment timing is not a calendar-oriented activity. It is an alternatives-oriented activity. Accurately assessing alternatives is precisely why a company such as Investing Across Borders powered by e-Council Global is an essential partner for investors considering cross-border investing.

Now is the “perfect time” to embark on your path and to consider your cross-border investment timing concerns, and then transform your timing concerns into planning successes. Don’t miss out on invaluable opportunities because of doubt or past fears. Good timing is nothing more than being prepared to make a decision when the opportunity is presented to you,

with the right professional assistance. All successful investors let go of what happened before or what might happen – and plan decisively to live and invest in what IS HAPPENING.

Article Series by Lauren Cohen, Cross-Border Lawyer & Real Estate Expert

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2022-03-08 17:36:00

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