The “Perfect” Investment Portfolio for Early Retirement w/Ask The Money Coach

Early retirement is one of those common personal finance topics that always comes up on the show. It’s arguably the most talked-about subject in our Facebook group and is a common theme among guests on the show. But what does a time-tested, well-respected financial journalist and coach think about retiring early? What does the “perfect” early retirement plan look like if you’re starting from scratch?

Today we’re joined by Ask The Money Coach’s Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, who is used to getting personal finance questions thrown at her all day long. She’s dug deep into everything surrounding investing and early retirement. From stocks to I Bonds, to real estate investing and cryptocurrency—if you’re interested in building (and maintaining) wealth, Lynnette’s website and books have something that will help you on your benjamin-stacking journey.

Mindy and Scott take some of the top investing, saving, and retirement questions from the BiggerPockets Money Facebook Group and ask Lynnette her opinion on them. Hear answers to top questions like when to invest and when to pay off debt, what makes the “perfect” portfolio, how to stop saving and start spending when you retire, and whether to invest for retirement or start a business.

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In This Episode We Cover

  • The debt payoff schedule you should follow if you want to invest while shedding consumer debt
  • I Bonds explained and how to get around the $10,000 personal purchase limit
  • Transitioning from “save mode” to “spend mode” when you’ve hit your retirement goal
  • How to introduce others to personal finance (without it sounding like a lecture)
  • What to do before you start a business and getting your personal finances in order
  • Why younger generations of investors are choosing more “risky” investment options 
  • And So Much More!

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