The Fastest Way to Pay Off $300k in Student Debt

It’s a strange time for student debt. On one hand, many college graduates are electing not to pay their student loans while they sit in forbearance. On the other, some debtors are choosing to take advantage of the zero-percent interest period as a way for them to pay down their loans faster. While neither of those choices is inherently wrong, they may also not be right. Today’s guest, Colton, finds himself in this position with a good $300,000 worth of student debt.

This number encompasses both Colton and his wife’s student loan payments. A good portion of their loans can be forgiven over twenty years, so which loan balance should he handle first? Thankfully, with Colton’s sizable take-home pay, he has options that many wouldn’t think of. Scott and Mindy debate on whether or not paying off debt early, waiting for forgiveness, or investing instead would be the best course of action for Colton.

Regardless of whether you have student debt, a car loan, a medical loan, or any other type of timely payment due soon, this is a calculation worth performing. Scott and Mindy also take a look at Colton’s diversified portfolio of assets, arguing that diversification could be leading him down a long path to FI, instead of helping him gain financial footing.

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In This Episode We Cover

  • How over-diversification can set you back from reaching your financial goals
  • Why the “grind to FI” doesn’t have to destroy the life you love
  • Real estate investing as a hedge against large amounts of personal debt
  • Student loan forbearance and forgiveness, plus when to start paying back your loans
  • Private mortgage insurance and the multiple options you have to get rid of it
  • Live in flip tips and how to keep your sanity while renovating your primary residence 
  • And So Much More!

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