Killer Cash Flow with This “Tenant-First” Section 8 Rental Strategy

Section 8 BRRRR investing seems like a niche within a niche. To start, you have your classic BRRRR strategy (buy, rehab, rent, refinance repeat), a method that many real estate investors have used to gain vast amounts of equity in short amounts of time. Then, on top of the BRRRR, you have section 8 rentals, which many investors stray away from. Both of these investment strategies can be thought of as “advanced” rental property investing methods, but combining them can almost automatically guarantee you phenomenal rent, for years (if not decades) to come.

One investor known for his expertise in both section 8 rentals and BRRRR investing is Dr. Joe Asamoah. Regularly, Dr. Joe may be the smartest person in the room and he really shines when speaking about the often forgotten benefits of section 8 rentals. While many investors simply think of D-class houses and D-class tenants when accepting section 8 vouchers, Dr. Joe disagrees.

His theory is simple—Find C or D-class properties in B-class neighborhoods, and rent to A-class section 8 tenants. The payoff? Very long-term tenants with guaranteed rent whose lives you can benefit directly. And Dr. Joe isn’t just hypothesizing about this—he’s been doing this for decades and may be why he has tenants who have stayed with him for over twenty years, paying rent every month, on time.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Before and after photos of Dr. Joe’s most recent section 8 BRRRR rental
  • Renovation hiccups when doing large renovations/BRRRR deals
  • The “bedroom-to-cash-flow” ratio that makes section 8 a lucrative choice for investors
  • How to find the highest quality, long-term tenants in your investing area
  • Building multiple exit strategies out of one property for maximum cash flow and equity gain
  • The most common BRRRR risks and how to mitigate appraisal and tenant headaches
  • And So Much More!

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2022-02-24 07:02:41

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