Changing Their Family’s Fate by Building a 600+ Unit Portfolio (At Age 20!)

There are those who accept their circumstances and then there are those like today’s guests —the Donis Brothers (Jeffrey, Kenneth, and Kerwin). These three brothers have created immense success for themselves at only twenty & twenty-three years old through self-education, network building, and hard work. They’ve done seventeen wholesale deals and co-sponsored three multifamily syndications with a total of 636 units between them in a mere two years.

They got their start in college when the oldest brother, Kenneth, heard about wholesaling while watching The Breakfast Club. After taking a humbling trip to Guatemala and realizing how many opportunities they had access to, they knew they had to pursue real estate. Once they decided to pursue real estate, each brother separately came to the same conclusion—college wasn’t for them. They collectively decided to focus on building their business so they could reach their ultimate goal of financial freedom and retiring their mom. 

They started their real estate journey with single-family homes but quickly realized multifamily properties aligned more with their goals. During their transition, it took six months of straight cold calling before they got their first deal. While working to get their first deal they also joined a mastermind and spent time expanding their network. They actively sought out people in spaces they were trying to penetrate which led them to their current mentorship program. Their ability to scale their business and network simply proves they are a force to be reckoned with. Make sure to listen closely because the Donis Brothers could be the next big thing.

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In This Episode We Cover

  • How to invest at a young age and turn being young into an advantage 
  • Networking events and how to extract true value from each one you attend
  • Cold calling, its importance, and how to effectively nurture leads
  • How to make the transition from single-family to multifamily properties
  • Building a powerful real estate network of mentors, investors, deal finders, and friends
  • Syndications and how to use them to broaden your investing opportunities
  • Building a social media platform to expand your network and reach
  • And So Much More!

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