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Transitions create stress and bring many new questions. We look out for our client’s best interests and know how emotional it can be. We will be there every step of the way. When you have been in your home for many years and have to sell, on top of that all the emotion that goes with it all, it is a scary time. Feel Good Real Estate Team is a team of professionals that will help to make the transition smooth as it can be in this situation.

There Are Three Basic Options Available

The options available to you depend largely on how you and your spouse handle your divorce. In virtually every case, it is in a couple’s best interests to reach a settlement on the division of property before it becomes a matter for the courts. This is particularly true of houses and other types of real estate, as they are usually among a couple’s most valuable assets. Once a judge rules on the division of property, you and your former spouse will have considerably less control over what becomes of your home.


This may be the optimal solution for any number of reasons, the most basic of which is that neither spouse wants to keep the home or that neither spouse can afford to keep the home. If you choose this option, it is best to maximize the home’s selling price to provide each of you with as large a fund for a new home as possible.


If you decide on buying out the home, remember that the financial responsibility for this home will likely be yours alone. Even if you think you can manage the financial weight, be sure to investigate the feasibility of this option before committing to it. If you are selling your part of the home, understand that if the communal home is not refinanced, a lender with typically consider you (and your spouse) responsible for the loan together. As a result, you might have difficulty acquiring a new loan for your fresh start, even though you are no longer an owner of the formerly communal home.


Even though this situation may be temporary, it is important to be aware of the issues that will be of concern in the future. Maintaining this kind of ownership has no immediate effect on the financial situation of both parties, but that is no reason not to research the tax considerations which may change between the time you are divorced and the home is sold.

How  Can We Help You?

During a divorce, the main goal of most couples considering selling real estate is to obtain the highest amount possible out of the sale. Pricing strategy can be a key element of disagreement between you and your spouse and you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on various individual party appraisals to determine the highest possible market price for your property. All this can be avoided by working with Feel Good Real Estate Team – we will determine the highest possible market price via an appraisal analysis and spend time with each of you to make sure you both are fully informed and understand the pricing strategy.

Selecting an impartial and experienced team to achieve your goals during the sale process is critical. There may be time constraints, disagreements on accessibility, showings, marketing, tax consequences, legal consequences and so forth. Also, confidentiality during the marketing and selling phase is key. You need a team which has the experience in creating an atmosphere of trust so that both parties can communicate with in order to have all their questions and concerns addressed.

Feel Good Real Estate Team would be happy to help you devise a plan of action during what might be a sensitive time for you.

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